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Here the results for the cover contest! no surprises Hijikata is the winner and Okita is 2nd, Shinpachi is not 8 anymore!! xD
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dinner time!

è l’una e dieci e ho una fame livello Bud Spencer. Punto.
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One question, one answer corner with Sorachi Hideaki (part 2)

Q6- Did you played with “monster hunter freedom”? What’s the name of character? And what type it is?

I didn’t,  I did go too far, so I broke my analog stick, and one of my assistant gave me a PSP. To use a flashy sword is so good! Of course the name is a simple “Hideaki”.

Q7- Why do you choose that name?

Normally with Dragon quest I choose my name, Time ago I used “AAAA”, but to go to the final boss like that seems usless. 

Q8- Gintama serialization, is getting long isn’t? It’s still a long way to run, it’s a long run isn’t?

Yes it is, But then all of a sudden I have to draw a one shot for SQ, I can’t say how much is ok.

Q9- Why did you refuse to do a planning for this article? 

I don’t have time, I’m afraid of people I don’t know, and I’m so nervous that i lost all my sleep last night.

PART TWO ” 3rd years section Z, Ginpachi Sensei, questions”

Q1- Why did you start to draw it in Akamaru Jump?

I want to draw something about school, but I didn’t think about it much.

Q2- Did you already draw a manga version of Ginpachi sensei?

Originally i had to make a Gintama novel, but then i told to myself that this wasn’t Gintama, but Ginpachi, But maybe I just didn’t want to draw and I thought to let Oosaki sensei do like he wanted, I want to keep an eye on Ginpachi too, I had the chance and so… something like that.

Q3- Who is your favourite character? And tell the reason too, please.

The principal and his vice, the way they do things is so good. 

Q4- What if you were a Ginpachi’s student?

Probally i would hide myself under the desk for 2 weeks, then Shinpachi will come close and say “hey say something” and I will come out.

penpencilandpoison asked : Ciao! Volevo ringraziarti e farti i complimenti per tutte le traduzioni su Saiyuki - sono una fan di vecchissima data che con l'uscita del Bast ha perso di nuovo il senno per quei quattro magnifici idioti ~ - perché scopro cose nuove ancora dopo 10 (!!!) anni di fangirling. Oh, e segnalarti, anche se è un post vecchio, che il link alla traduzione del charabook su Gojyo e Hakkai è offline! Spero leggerai questo messaggio, visto che vedo che non aggiorni da un po'! Grazie del lavoro e ciao! <3

Ciao! E grazie a te, i fan di saiyuki sono cosi pochi T^T è sempre bello conoscerne di nuovi, purtroppo sendspace dopo un pò cancella i file, appena ritrovo la cartella dove ho messo il book lo riaggiorno! 

One question, one answer corner with Sorachi Hideaki (part 1)

In this volume (24) it’s published the unserialized work “13” relasead on Jump square. On march number of 2008 will be the commemoration of Hideaki Sorachi appearance on Square.  So here will be some re- edit of the question and answer with the readers!!

Part one: 

Lest’s ask something to Hideaki Sorachi

Q1: First of all would you like to greet SQ readers?

Nice to meet you, that’s Sorachi. Thanks for all the help you give me with Ginpachi. Thanks for reading it, even if it is handwritten, i’m sorry.

Q2: How do you do in these days?

I’m drawing this one shot, so I’m not sleeping, I can’t turn my head while eating, I don’t have friends, why i’m telling those things? 

Q3: Are you enjoying this new year? 

I’m always at home drawing this one shot

Q4: There are been some changes in your meetings with your new editor Saitou-san?

Not really, Because more that meetings are idle talks, And usually our talks smells of otaku stuff, that’s because Saitou smells of otaku, and his foot smells too…

Q5: He lend us this place, so what do you have to say about Saitou- san?

Beside the smell of his foot, I don’t know much, and so with the assistants, my work place smells of foot (LOL) I can’t tell when he is coming from that, you say that he lend the place, that why it has his stench

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Hideaki Sorachi vol 24

And so that’s the end of this 24th volume special dedicated to the road towards the 30s. At this rate I could be killed by the people in their 30s and more. But that’s not true. People in their 30s and more are not done. After all myself will be 30 in no time, as I said it’s not a nice thing, but even if this back will become shamful, we can still fly. There still much time before death, the real old man are the one that have give up to fly. Even in the way of 30s, and you are loosing your hair, you will start to smell of old, and will have a lot of hair on your back, you will still be a boy. If you can’t fly because your body will be heavy, you better to shape it up. Me too, I want to change, so every week I will rotate my salt chips with some consomme. But still, chips are better. It’s like the thick interior of the basics, with the help of this great efforts, you will be able to fly with your hairs, with this feeling all the old man of this country, will face this dream of being the hero of the salt chips.

I’ve already added 32 books to my kindle, and I have to still read 14 real books, i will finish in 10 years I think…

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