Sorachi sensei from Gintama volume 31

And with that the 31 volume, the handkerchief, turned yellow because of happines special, comes to an end. I really don’t understand all this aduld stuff, but guys keep waiting this yellow handkerchief to fly, if you are waiting for our return, we will pass over this handkerchief, to get trought all this pain and get to the movie, well, of couse I will report if the happiness will come.

Let’s wait for happiness, Chieko Baisho of this world good luck!!

Sorachi meets the readers, question corner 85

<Question from pen name: Mutaito-san from Ishikawa>

I have an uncle in his late 30s ( a madao) , sometimes he comes to  play in my house and in this times he stay in my room. One day, it was late at night, more or less 2 o’ clock, he comes toward me all naked and yelled with all his will ” MAFUUBA*”. Sorachi sensei, please help him. 


I think is too late. 

Now please, you have to go to him and reply naked with a maffuba too, and make sure your uncle is been sealed well. It’s painful, but you are doing it for his sake, think that you are doing it for the greater good.

* Evil Containment Wave, from dragon ball

Sorachi meets the readers, question corner 84

<Question from: Saito-san from Iwate>

Sorachi sensei, here’s a question from a brat with whom you don’t have any connection, lately, Sadaharu’s screentime it’s really little, it’s because you don’t like him? what do you think?


I think that only who have a dog will get this, there are moments where you don’t sense their existence, but then soon, in a moment, you feel their presence so much, like when you are sad or you want to cry, they are always next to you. Something like a rarefied but rich bond. I’ve never draw somthing like this, but I would… 

I’m sorry it’s only that I forgot to draw him… 

I’ve started bakumatsu rock and thought “so gay”

I’ve finished bakumatsu rock and thought “very gay”

I went to the wikipedia page and read “manga published by zerosum” now all makes sense

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