From Gintama vol. 29

With that the 29th volume the elite special, comes to an end. I’m sick of elite, I will be really glad to everyone that will address it as a toilet. He is such a dork because he comes from Tokyo university, but once out he is now a Gintama editor. I’m waiting for some opinions, so goodbye…. at the next volume…  And Saito- san thank you very much!

I’ve started Barakamon, all the character are so cute! 

I saw the last doctor who episode and it was so terrible…. the only good tihng is capaldi and jenna, the rest…  blah!!

flowermiko whispered Heya! You did such an amazing work with translating all those Saiyuki Tweets, I wanted to ask you if I could compile them all together in a document and edited a little to share with the community. There were a few tweets I had a few questions on the translations, so maybe as I edit is I can ask for your help when something isn't clear. Since only Ukoku (...minekura really) only knows when the Twitter account will be deleted I don't want your work lost. I'm trying to add the date of the Tweets.

sure you can!

From Gintama volume 29

I had this angry feels for a while now, and pratically the fried rice detective never get angry. And I can predict that the fried rice ground will be wiped away like ” I don’t like it, Yes, I can assure that I don’t tehehe”.  It’s like I’ve stepped on my own fried rice. I’m carrying this feeling, I’ve already take out fried rice once, and being ashamed of it it’s of no use. I don’t have to think about this bullshit. I’m not this kind of fried rice, If I will ever return to school, I will be stuck at the same table and I will tell something like” I really can’t eat this stuff” and throwing it in the trash. And for this feeling that it seems that i really can’t get along with elite.If only he will turn from his highness his nose of 45 degree. he would be in contact with a lot more of noses, and get annoyed and he will be for sure a spendid nice person. Every time he take something with him, being really attentitive. But on the verge of a deadline, during a carnage, you took me a meat pie? Who do you think I am, Anne of Green Gables? I don’t know how to eat that!!! Take same fried rice!! or it will get angry!!

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