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Saiyuki tweets (omg today saiyuki and gintama feels T^T)

Hakkai: Don’t be worried guys. We drove all the night, so we reached a town early than expected. We just make check in in an hotel. After a light dinner we all are thinking to take a little nap.It’s strange but assassins always attack in the early morning when we are particular violent.

Sanzo: I have a faint memory of this attacks… but i remember their defeat.

Gojyo: When you are half asleep, you don’t stop your killng intentions, sleeping in the same room is quite dangerous.

Goku: (((_o ロ o_)))… i’m hungry…

Konzen: Collegamento permanente dell'immagine integrata

Tenpou: I’ve encuraged Konzen: Why don’t you tweet something too? ” but he ostinately refused saying that he has nothing to say. So I gave him the tablet and said to take a picture instead.  After a few days he returned it back with this photo. So this is my merit too.

Kenren: It’s just like them, what a nice sleeping face!

Sanzo: He is still napping and there are no signs of him waking up, what an idiot face.

Collegamento permanente dell'immagine integrata

Hakkai: Let him sleep. While I was driving that night you fall asleep, while Goku resisted to stay awake. he really cares about me and Jeep.

Gojyo: He will wake up as soon he will be hungry. LOL he is drolling.

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