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Katsura Kotaro : Katsu-RAP (Gintama Premier Matsuri )
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Gintama chapter 207
Saiyuki reload blast : Shot 4 (Kouten 7)


…: With today are already 4 days…

Hakkai: The castel’s restorations are near done!

Gojyo: I’m so tired… How is doing Sanzo?

Hakkai: The fever went down, the herbal medication used as pain killers are being effective too, now he is sleeping. All the burns are healing somewhat, but the real problem is the right arm. Due the violent damage, muscles and nerves are in a real bad shape, to be able to move it again in some extent he will need a painful rehabilitation.

Gojyo: I didn’t expect Kougaiji and the other to be so harsh

Hakkai: Yes, It’s been a mean strategy from their part…

Sharaku: I wonder what this Kogaiji was doing, and we don’t know if he will come back to attack us again… it’s a puzzle…

Sharaku: And a child cames from the sky, too bad that Genjou is the only witness about this boy doing, but he used a dreadful magic power, and his only target in the masacre were only the demons, according to Genjou, the boy didn’t have emotions and he was acting like a weapon, doing some kind of duty.

Hassan: Me and Sharaku sensed that guy’s aura, surely it was kinda different from a human or demon one.

Hakkai: Even if he scattered the demon’s army, we still don’t know is true identity and his goal…

Gojyo: Anyway… it’s lunch time and Goku isn’t back yet, that’s a surprise!! In thes past 3 days he went by his own will to accompany the others  with the castel’s  reparations work and perimeter patrols. He said that Sanzo risked his life to protect it, so for now he can only do that .

"These are not the only problems…"

Gojyo: Before, in times like that, he was all sad beside his owner for all the time…

" A demon mark appeared on Gojyo’s , and with all the thing that happened I didn’t have a chance to tell him"

Gojyo: Sure the brat is growing so fast!

"He didn’t show any symptoms in these few days, maybe is not too late to do something

Next chapter 28th october!

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givemedaylight ha risposto al tuo post “Saiyuki reload blast : Shot 4 (Kouten 7)”

Ah, Luno, I wanted to say, Gojyo’s first line isn’t he’s tired, I think he’s saying the informal version of oskaresamadeshita - or meaning ‘thanks for your hard work’ and not that he’s tired ;A; They use the same kanji so I was a bit confused too

yesit’s an idiomatic phrase used after one work, but it’s pretty hard to adjust it in english or other languages, so i adapted it with i’m so tired. 

late4f8 ha risposto al tuo post “Saiyuki reload blast : Shot 4 (Kouten 7)”

a missing page was just added and there’s four pages now….

yep, a girl from veronicacode’s forum figured it out that one page was missing! incact it was pretty odd that gojyo started talking about goku xD

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