Now that I’ve watched Sharknado the second, my life is complete.

Sorachi sensei from Ginatama vol 32 (part 3)

While crying, for his dead cat, I-kun draw some mob cats, so he is been able to heal from his pain with a non sweet solution. he can’t come out from this, he  need this, that’s because that thing looks like his loved cat and can have it always by his side. And thinking to his pal in heaven he draw such  splendid cats. Well, that…

I-kun what… all of them… I don’t want to be offencive but…

This… your pal… I would say it it was Yasufumi Terawaki… But Is Shimura Ken instead? it’s his face! 



Weekly Shounen Jump spine #44


I’ve started Gekkan shoujo Nozaku-kun, I’m onlyat the 5th episode, but I love it, all the character are amazing.

Sorachi sensei from volume 32 (part 2)

Giving you that, It’s not all so black and white.

First of all mangaka have hemorrohids because is a sitting job,

They are some petty pals, like Yasufumi Terawaki, a stinking intruder that you can’t hate. Terawaki is reckless and wild, but with a good control and is easy to get along with, and that’s why Yutaka Mizutani is such a good mangaka. In the case of I-kun, you could think of him as Terawaki, but in truth he is Hiroshi Tachi, that comes out flying, on an Harley Davidson, and crash on his own will, maybe Hiroshi is bad with the Harley but i’m not . If I-kun was a character from Aibou (pal) he would better be Kyouhei Shibata, so for Mizutani it would be impossible any tragedy to strike. 

Maybe this time, i really didn’t care, if there was a bad timing, that’s my way of drawing, surey that’s the worst timing, because he just lost his loved cat, but I didn’t consider that, and when I-kun is sad drawing cats, I’m really sad too, I start to think to my dog Chappy at home, and tears start to flow. that’s because we are together from 18 years, and he is my pal. It’s only that… This Aibou (pal) …. Are you don’t mistaken? Is that really Yasufumi Terawaki?

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